24 October 2008

Floating Platforms to house foreign workers? I also want!

You've seen the news, the authorities are thinking about housing foreign workers on floating platforms liken to the one at Marina Bay because there is nowhere and nobody on mainland is willing to accommodate their presence.

I don't know about you, but now I'm definitely envious and even jealous that these foreign workers who toil for our nation's development are getting the ultimate upgrade! Why? This is waterfront living at its best lor!

Think about it, the rich spent millions just to get that sea-facing apartment in places like East Coast, Tanjong Rhu and Sentosa Cove. But now, foreign workers now stand to get the equivalent without paying a single cent!

Living on the floating platform, the inhabitants will be so much closer to the water compared to the mainland counterparts where they can only see and not touch the water. For recreation, the inhabitants will undoubtedly improvise and develop new fun activities that will have us mainlanders exclaim, "Hey! That's so cool! I wanna try that too!"

Their monthly mass swim around their floating platform could well become the iconic pastime of this innovative solution.

Subsistence would be well taken care of as the floating platform would become a kelong on steroids. The inhabitants would live on the freshest catches which are larger because they feed on the additional "nutrients" from the floating platform. Or perhaps to make fishing easier, a dedicated kelong module can be attached to harvest the fish that the inhabitants will grow to love.

Speaking of modular design, facilities can be added and removed easily! If the inhabitants want a playing field for cricket, it can be attached to the west wing of the floating platform! They could even start a floating platform cricket league and perhaps even discover a world class cricket team that will win Singapore an Olympic medal or two.

Bored of cricket? Just replace the attachment with a sports hall with ping pong tables and voila! A place to tap into another pool of potential medal winners. Better yet, both recreational facilities can co-exist as a statement of harmony. Of course, there will also be the grass patch module that emulates the open fields that the foreign workers love to frolic in on weekends.

On top of it all, the floating platform will have no risk of typhoons, hurricanes and the impending rise of the sea level, thanks to global warming. This should have forward thinking property developers enthusiastically proposing projects with taglines like, "The final frontier of waterfront living."

Such projects will be marketed as the ultimate waterfront luxury that is sought after by the rich, glamorous and powerful. The people will lust after it for the prestige and security.

Mainlanders will inadvertently get into a panic buying mode to buy their little plot of a floating platform as they observe the sea encroach into the land. Yes, floating platforms will become the ultimate real estate investment. So much so that we will then probably need to displace the first floating platform of foreign workers, probably back to the less valuable mainland.

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