9 March 2008

Gahmen gimme money again! Cool!

Yup, you read it right. This time it is in the form of ERS (Economic Restructuring Shares). What? You don't what it is? Good for you! That probably means you forgot all about it since day one, allowing it to accumulate dividends and compound interest for the last 5 years. (Or that you had happily withdrawn everything the moment it was alloted to you.)

Anyway to jog your memory, ERS would pay out dividends annually from 2004 to 2008. Thereafter it will close and the value be "returned" to you. Honestly, the dividends were so spectacular (averaging well over 10% p.a.) that I wished the Gahmen could continue the work on ERS and let me pump in cash investments. (Or maybe not, thanks to the current market outlook)

And now to think of how I can spend this little windfall... :)

Check how much you'll receive by 7 April here: http://www.ers.org.sg

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