21 February 2008

Lady in red cheongsam - An Accidental Photo Shoot

Last Saturday, while waiting for the Mellben feast in Ang Mo Kio, I chanced upon a photo shoot organized by Sony Alpha Club at their digital imaging store, just beside MS Color. Fortunately, the kind people at MS Color (who run the Sony digital imaging store) and the Sony Alpha Club members gladly accommodated a Nikon user in this event. Suffice to say, Sony is pulling all stops to gain market share in the DSLR market. :)

Oh yah, I got trigger happy and I guess I blew the opportunity of providing some proper artistic direction. The model just stood/sat before the lenses and smiled and posed, making these photos void of feeling... Well, except the obvious Chinese New Year feel, but definitely nowhere a Shanghai film noire (like Lust | Caution) kind of mood or the sexy elegance that is embodied in the cheongsam.

More photos from this shoot here.

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