13 January 2008

Haato: Lovely Japanese Gelato!

I’m quite a sucker for Japanese ice cream. Mainly because it’s (1) Japanese and (2) got more familiarly Asian flavours. And that’s on top of the fact that Japanese ice cream seem to taste smoother, lighter and of course the illusion that all Japanese stuff equates healthier choice (even without moderation).

So I was whiling away my time before the Jackie Cheung concert (my review and photos) at the newly opened Kallang Leisure Park when I chanced upon haato in the basement, just beside the supermarket.

Curiosity and skepticism got the better of me and I decided the take a closer look. The flavours available are predictably Japanese, like matcha, black sesame, milk tea just to name a few. However the flavour that caught my eye was the sweet potato and honey chestnut. I was given a generous sample to try and decided to get a cup.

What I liked about this flavour was that it wasn’t too sweet and it was possible to taste chunks of the Japanese sweet potato with traces of its purple skin and yellow flesh throughout the cup. The honey blended very well to add the extra punch of natural sweetness and the chestnuts added its rich body to the texture and aroma. The combined result was a really well-balanced palate which doesn’t leave a heavy feeling.

5 Stadium Walk, #B1-01/02
Kallang Leisure Park
Singapore 397693
Email: enquiry@haato.com.sg | feedback@haato.com.sg
Website: http://www.haato.com.sg

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