16 November 2007

Super Import Nights

Went to take a look at the exhibition at Singapore Expo on Sunday. Things I liked:
  • Really nice airbrush paint jobs
  • The really ah beng zhng-ing of the cars
  • The unfunctional modifications like the plexi-glass bonnet
  • Furry dashboards and sports rims
  • Cao ah beng blue neon and strobe lights
  • A complete home entertainment system built into the back of a MPV, got XBox some more
  • American Import Models showed us what is real event models.
  • 2 vendors brought in Hummer for show.
Disappointed at:
  • There wasn't a lot of anything. Not a lot of cars, not a lot of zhng-ed cars. Not a lot of vendors. Not a lot of special cars.
  • Lack of innovation in the zhngs
  • Nothing near the innovation as seen on Pimp My Ride
  • The mountains of restrictions that prevented the zhng team to come up with more over-the-top creations.
Some funny observations:
  • People were really there to see the American Import Models, and there were a lot of chee ko peks, young and old also have.
  • The men flock to the models like Flies to rubbish bees to honey.
  • The emcee referred to all the men with cameras as "professional photographers"... Yeah, right.
  • The local event models are always the same ol' same ol, and not very pretty...
  • Put the "foreign talent" and our "local pride" and you will see that we are still eons away.
Oh yah, more photos here.

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