29 October 2006

So tell me why...

I haven't been creating content recently, only putting up interesting youtube video for all to watch.

With that point mentioned, I thought I should just go back to the basics. I mean, what are the best features (if any at all) of my blog here. Should the best feature be the pictures I take, what should be my next subject?

Which conveniently brings me to my question, why can't I take pictures in so many places nowadays?
Apparently, some clever dicks smart alecs decided that a) it is meant for the safety of the people in the enclosed space and b) it is for protecting intellectual property.
They seem reasonable. Point (a) arose because of terrorism, fine. But really, if they needed to survey their targets, there are more sophisticated ways, or they could target the places where everyone least expect.
As for (b), I'm totally baffled by people's willingness to ridicule themselves, like the following places.

Did you know that Ya Kun Coffeeshops prohibits phototaking in their premises?
It's coffee, toast and soft-boiled eggs damn it.
Plus the process of preparing their food is so open to scrutiny.
If anyone wanted to steal recipes, they need only stare and observe.
Which leads me to speculate, we believe in photographs but not photographic memory.

Speaking of intellectual property, it is yet another heavily abused term here. So the thing is, you can't take pictures of nifty products nowadays. Shop attendants seem to only follow orders. The supervisor said, "No photography." But what if these picture could generate sales? Isn't your paycheck reliant on sales figures?
I realised that these rules are unfounded and meant as a delusion for us patrons, I have taken many pictures and and been told that I can't. Only to be further enlightened that the shop attendants themselves have no idea why people cannot take photos.

I shall ask "Why not?" at the clubs in future.

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