9 July 2006

Bachelors' night out

Once again, the (in)famous five went out in the middle of the night for supper and some personal updates (aka reducing ourselves to gossip fodder for the rest) This time round, we actually got an instant barbecue pit, along with some barbecue friendly food. We couldn't find a spot at Seletar dam, so we ended up in Sembawang Park. As usual, Justin is preoccupied with a certain somebody. Personally, I equate somebody that calls late in the night to talk for stretches to trouble. I mean, mine never does that. To compound the problem, she apparently knows how busy Justin is, but yet calls come at those weird times. Not to put him down, but Justin seems to always find the wrong kind of girl. And the way he treats a relationship, unbelievable. Finishing the food, Yangyi began to drive everyone home. Justin, as usual, knocked out in the car. He's always tired. Dropping him off, we went our way to Hougang for Zengrong. Somehow, without Justin around, the conversations get more spirited. We moved on target Daniel, who is ROMing in October. Oddly enough, there is this arrangement with his future in-laws that he needs to sleep over at their place during weekends, for them to "assess his character". I just thought that he already fell into the trap. He should have just insisted that he would travel to their place daily on weekends and not sleep over on weekends on the sofa. We decided to carry on our chit chat at Hougang, in a park. There, we were up to a bit of nonsense yet again. "Evacuating" at the bush... Swingers... Overgrown kids on the see saw (I'm on the other end)

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