24 April 2006

Project Sunshine - Day 16

Petals so yellow
Under the sun shining bright
Sunflowers, I like
– my lame attempt at writing a haiku

So the problem here is a combination of things: weather, soil, water and pests.

Last week's weather was really terrible for the seedlings. They were at mercy of the rains. About half of them did not survive. Many broke off at the stems. Even the stronger ones that managed to sprout a few leaves didn't make it. Sort of heartbreaking, really.

Not too certain about the soil too. I can't be sure if it also contributed to the demise of the seedlings.

Maybe the seedlings drowned too, from all the rains.

Then, there could be the pest problem. I mean I saw holes on the leaves.

But overall, you should also say I neglected them. Sigh.

Seems like the weather has become relatively drier for now. So I may be beaten, but I haven't given up. This time, it's going to be bigger and meaner. But first I'll need to catch up on some studying...

Stay tuned and see what happens this weekend.

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