3 March 2006

Taiwan Invades the Pasar Malam

We probably all know it by now, the extra large chicken chops from Shi Lin Taiwanese Snack franchise aren't really great. They're really dry, bland, oily and hard.

But not to worry! If you really want to taste the good ones, head down to the pasar malams (read: night markets) that tour the housing estates. I think they taste a lot better than the franchise machine's. Plus the pasar malam ones got 3 styles of the extra large chicken chops.

And if you're lucky, there might be a push-cart selling stinky beancurd. Though it was not as stinky as expected. Guess it's about finetuning the flavours to suit the masses.

I had good time tasting the food mentioned at Jurong East, where the pasar malam is operating currently.

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