30 July 2004

Things to Do

A friend recently commented that we were essentially doing the same ol' stuff every time we go out kai kai.So in response, I did a bit of brainstorming and came up with some silly, time consuming, crazy and maybe ridiculous ideas. Bear in mind "silly, time consuming, crazy and maybe ridiculous" applies only in the Singaporean context. Nyuk nyuk nyuk~ Photo "Exhibition" - Go around taking pics, highlight funny stuff caught on film, put up a slideshow Cycling - Go all around Singapore take pictures, pig out on good food at food centres along the way Buffet - Eat and eat and eat, mwah haha~! Picnic - lomantiq leh~! Watch movie, VCD, or just plain TV Go to the Beach - Sun tan, swim, ball games DIY Fun - Paint someone's place, renovation project, DIY furniture Cook for the gang - potluck, bring your own ingredients, become the Wolfgang Puck of the gang GateCrash - be innovative, be destructive ("o) Keep Fit - Feel Good, Look Good Make a Home Video Water Theme Park Zoo/Night Safari Bird Park PaintBall, ouch Clubbing - Get drunk, go haywire and regret it for the rest of your life? Indoor challenge - Board Games, Charade, Pictionary, Scrabble Wakeboarding Baking - Cake, Biscuits Art and Craft Karaoke 'Anything Also Can Day' - you just can't say no to what we're gonna do to you! Pioneering Celebrity Sighting Watch a Soccer match Pick up a foreign language Watch a foreign show Camping Trekking at Nature Reserve Show and Tell a Book Gambling for Forfeit - Mahjong, DaiDi with truth or Dare Write a short story to share with the gang Conduct a science experiment